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Intro: Silver Tusk Oil Co. / Webinar March 20th 2015 Shawn Bartholomae, Sr. Partner at Silver Tusk Oil Co.

NYMEX Natural Gas Price: $2.79

Crude Oil (WTI): $45.72

Webinar Description:

I will be addressing many of the questions that are frequently asked. I will be answering some questions that are asked during the Webinar. If by chance I have not answered a specific question, or you were not clear about a particular topic, please do not hesitate to call us after the Webinar to speak directly with myself or one our Silver Tusk representatives.

During this Webinar, I will be delivering information that is not easily conveyed on a website or an email so please remain on the webinar for the duration.

You will be particularly interested in hearing about the planned exit strategy for both the STLADP and the Trinidad!

K1: The STLADP K1’s have been mailed.

STLADP Revenue:

December Production Willard & Whelan only

Price $41 a barrel Checks Dated Jan 31st 2015

ACH Deposits on March 6th 2015 Partners’ Share: $45,000.

**The above revenue is two weeks late due to Tax season and preparation of 2014 K1’s

January Production Willard, Whelan & Perrard only

WTI Price $42 a barrel Checks Dated Feb. 28th 2015 ACH Deposits on March 17th 2015 8/8 Gross Production $193,050.

Partners’ Share is 64.75% of 8/8 Gross = $125,000.

February Production

Willard, Whelan, Perrard

M Sanders, JD Kilcrease & Kilcrease Bowles

WTI $45 a barrel / NYMEX $2.72 + $1.50 Bonus = $4.22 estimated

Checks Dated March 31st 2015 ACH Deposit on April 15th 2015 8/8 Gross Production = $434,741

Estimated Partners’ Share is 64.75% of 8/8 Gross = $281,495

March Production

Willard, Whelan, Perrard, M Sanders, JD Kilcrease & Kilcrease


WTI $48 a barrel / NYMEX $2.72 + $1.50 Bonus = $4.22 estimated

Checks Dated April 30th 2015 ACH Deposit on May 22nd 2015 8/8 Gross Production = $872,194

Projected Partners’ Share is 64.75% of 8/8 Gross = $564,746

April Production

Should increase over March production due to the Whelan #16 being on line expected choked down to a restricted rate of


STLADP Development Status

Well Status Willard #1:

Burleson Co. / June 2014

Brief Well History – Double Horizontal

Buda Cumulative Production Revenue:

$1,286,000. Partners Net Share

Chalk Cumulative Production Revenue: $286,350. / $57,270 average over 5 months Present Rate 823 BOPM

Potential after stimulation could significantly increase the

present rate / a stimulation procedure is on hold until WTI Crude climbs back over $75 a barrel / Anticipated 4th quarter 2015

Perrard #1: Burleson Co. / December 2014

Cumulative Production Revenue: December: $18,625. Frac Flow back January: $45,634. Frac Flow back February: $58,393. Frac Flow back March $54,900 Frac Flow back

$122,650. Partners Cumulative Net Share after Feb.

Present Rate 1,220 BOPM

Fracture Stimulation Status: Continuing to flow back Frac fluid with increased oil cut / presently at a 29% oil cut

It is our expectation to see the oil cut climb up to 60% by the time we recover all the frac fluid. Final expectations for this well are very positive.

The true production capabilities of this well is expected to be quite high but cannot be fully realized until all the frac fluid has been recovered.

** Let’s assume the following scenario regarding the Willard & Perrard.

Let’s say WTI Crude climbs back to $75 a barrel this fall. Then doubling the present production rates from these two wells, which by the way is ridiculously conservative, the combined revenue from these two wells would climb from where it is now $109,000 for January Production to over $360,000 a month 330% increase in Revenue just from these two wells.

Margie Sanders #1:

Navarro Co. / Placed on line 02-19-15 15/64” choke with 1450 PSI FTP

Present Rate 1.405 MMCFGPD – 131 BOPDE & 43 BCPD 174 BOPDE @ present rate and price!

10 day production in February Cum-G 14.2MMCF & CUM-O 500 BO

Or 1,748 BOE in 10 days.

JD Kilcrease #1:

Navarro Co. / Placed on line 02-19-15 15/64” choke with 1150 PSI FTP

Present Rate 1.401 MMCFGPD & 38 BCPD = 169 BOPDE 10 day production in February Cum-G 14.2MMCF & CUM-O 480 BO

Kilcrease Bowles #1: Navarro Co. / Placed on line 02-19-15

4/64” Choke with 340 PSI FTP 241 MCFGPD – 15 BCPD – 38 BOPDE

10 day production in February Cum-G 3MMCF & CUM-O


P. Casavilla #1:

Henderson Co. / Placed on Line 01-15-15 Well History

Acid Stimulation

H20 and future plans and hope

6 BOPD – 28 BOWPD Sold a load of Oil:

Jan - $7920

Feb - $8590

Estimated March - $8230

Whelan #16:

Marion Co.

Swab Rates 3 BOPH

Expected Potential 70 BOPD

Expected Restricted Dailey Rate: 30 BOPD

Waiting on Oil Pipeline / Define pipeline circumstance

Oil Pipeline under wetlands 500’

Additional Buda-Chalk Acreage Owned by STLADP 1,800 prospective acres just north of the Willard Potential farm-out to third party

Farm-out could turn back an estimated $1.4MM from sale of acreage this would be re-injected back to the STLADP lease bank account.

STOC would try to negotiate a 10% CWI & 7.5% NRI from production in this lease to be earned by the STLADP.

Acreage is prime Buda Lime and Austin Chalk potential Potential to drill 3 horizontals in Buda or Chalk Potential for 1,000 BOPD production would be a practical expectation from this acreage

By the 4th quarter of this year we expect to have the acreage farmed-out to a 3rd party.

By the 4th quarter of 2015 prices are expected to be back in the $75 per bbl. range.

At that price, combined with 1,000 BOPD output would generate the STLADP an Estimated Positive Cash Flow of $170K pr. mo.

Estimated 36 mo. @ $75 a barrel could yield a Cash out Value of $6MM

Additional Rodessa Acreage Owned by STLADP 1,000 prospective acres adjoining the M Sanders & Kilcrease



This acreage to be purchased and developed by the Trinidad Lake I Prospect Partnership

I will discuss how this prospect will benefit the STLADP Partners.

Overall expectations of the STLADP

$45MM was raised to drill 15 wells prior to utilizing revenue for remaining 10 wells to total 25 wells.

These additional 10 wells are to be drilled and completed with cash flow received by the original 15 wells and so on.

How fast will the remaining 10 wells be drilled? This variable is dependent on other factors such as: How strong the original 15 are producing?

The price of oil and gas at the time. The drilling cost at that time.

As each additional well is placed on line, the level of financial contribution it makes toward the development process.

As more wells are placed on line the process begins to speed up significantly.

Realistically 24 months to drill 25 wells overall

Where do we expect our partners to be financially after the STLADP has been fully developed?

This is a very difficult question to answer.

All of the rapidly changing elements that contribute to the end result make it near impossible to be accurate with an answer.

With that being said, there is a conservative approach

For an example:

Let’s assume WTI Crude doesn’t average over $75 a barrel and that NYMEX Natural Gas price don’t average over $3 per MCF over the next 24 months.

Let’s assume that the remaining wells drilled and placed on line are only average in production.

Let’s assume that only 85% of the remaining wells to be drilled are commercially productive.

And let’s incorporate sharp decline production curves to all the producers.

I could calculate an ultra-conservative number to be around $2.5 MM per mo. to the Investor Partners share.

This does not include any additional income that the STLADP would see from farm-outs that could contribute significantly to the overall cash flow.

An estimate from already known and planned farm-outs may conservatively yield an additional $200,000 per mo. now

totaling $2.7MM per mo.

The STLADP is the type of development that is specifically designed for an Exit Strategy, to have many of the desirable attributes that interest most production buyers such as: Large blocks of acreage held by production with

proven reserves. Multiple Producing wells

Combination of Oil and Gas production Infield development potential Existing infrastructure


Geological Consistency Multiple completion potential per well

Trinidad Lake I Prospect Partnership The TLIPP is a multi-purpose offering

It creative structuring and design addresses several important issues at once.

Partnership Structuring – Such as a minimal 15% Carried Working Interest, which 10% is allocated to the STLADP

Trinidad is economically streamlined for the Investor Partners objectives such as

Actual cost development / Unburdened / Working Interest Partners have No reduction of ownership after payout.

Revenue is not being used to drill all the wells in the development.

Trinidad is designed to significantly boost the partners overall ROI in both the STLADP / Trinidad.

Trinidad financial impact on STLADP can be highly beneficial After full funding the Trinidad will return re-inject $400,000 back to STLADP


STLADP earns 10% CWI 7.5% NRI in the TLIPP Estimated positive cash flow to be $45K pr. mo to STLADP

Trinidad – Planned to drill 5 wells originally.

AFE estimate was completed in December 2014 when drilling cost were much higher.

At present drilling cost we may expect to drill at least 8 wells overall without having to utilize any of the existing revenue.

Geological Characteristics in the Trinidad development are an extension of the

M Sanders & Kilcrease Wells

The data from the M Sanders and Kilcrease wells lend geological insight to the 1,000 acres that directly surround those wells. This acreage will be rapidly developed will by the Trinidad Prospect.

Natural gas is our primary objective; production should be 85% natural gas and 15% liquids such as oil or condensate.

Moreover the gas from some of our targeted formation within this region will likely yield a very high BTU rating just as it did in the nearby wells M Sanders & Kilcrease wells.

This brings a much higher price than NYMEX spot, like in the M Sanders & Kilcrease wells our contract from Enbridge is $1.5 above NYMEX Spot.

An example: If NYMEX Spot is at $3 per MCF then we would be receiving $4.50 per MCF.

TLIPP Development Timeline

Is going to be a very rapid development compared to the STLADP

Infrastructure already in place Geological Consistency

Vertical wells drill out in less than a month per well With drilling cost down and continuing to go down we could

easily drill 8 wells with the $11.75MM And

have them placed on line in as little as 9 Months!

Provided the Trinidad wells perform as good as the M Sander & Kilcrease Wells they could comfortably

Generate $1,330,000 8/8 Gross Production at today’s prices This is around $860,000 a month in net revenue to the Partners Net Share – Not bad for an $11,750,000 investment!

This is much more than I indicated in my recent email Titled

A True Silver Crossing

Strategically speaking an Investment in the Trinidad Prospect may yield significant returns and be highly beneficial for any partner that is already a participant in the STLADP, this may enhance their ROI potential overall!

Silver Tusk Website

Presently being modified for Investors to log in and track production history and payments along with future estimates extending 3 months.

Per Unit Calculations with an example of production figures

STLADP M Sanders, JD Kilcrease & Kilcrease Bowles

Combined daily production from the above mentioned wells: 3,500 MCFPD X 30.5 Days X $4.22 = $450,485 8/8 Gross Production

118 BOPD X 30.5 Days X $45 = $161,955 8/8 Gross Production

Total 8/8 Gross Production = $612,440. From the above mentioned wells. To calculate your % share from 8/8 Gross production:

64.75% Net to the Partners Share / 3600 units = .017986% per Unit X 8 units =

.143888% (8 units share).

$612,440 X .143888% = $881.22 per month income to 8 units share from just these three wells over a 30.5 day period.

Or another way to look at it would be as followed:

To calculate your share of Partnership Distributions:

3600 units / 8 units = 450, 8 units share is 1/450th of Partner Distributions

$612,440 X 64.75% Total Partners Share = $396,554.90 / 450 = $881.23 8 units share per month

$612,440 X 64.75% Total Partners Share = $396,554.90 X .027777% per unit = $110.15 per month per unit X 8 units = $881.23 per month 8 units share

The sell value of $881.23 is as followed: $881.23 X 60 Months cash flow = $52,873.8 sell value your share from just the three wells only – This is from an 8 unit investment of $100,000.

Comparison in percentage ownership:

STLADP = .017986% per Unit of 8/8 Gross Production Before payout

STLADP = .0143888% per Unit of 8/8 Gross Production After payout

Trinidad = .066246% per Unit of 8/8 Gross Production Always.

I would ask that each of you respond after the webinar to at least let us know if the information you have received is understandable and helpful. Our Partners’ input is very important to us. We are open to any suggestions about how we could better improve our communication with you.

Shawn Bartholomae, sbe@silvertuskoil.com

Personal Cell 214-274-6204

The Accreditation Process may simplified.

All that is needed is a letter from one of the following, your CPA, Attorney, Banker, Investment Firm or Financial Advisor that simply states you are accredited as of this date. Or for that matter, Phoenix American may also complete the accreditation verification as long as you show proof of accreditation by supplying them with proof of funds in excess of $1MM.

To simplify your subscription process for the

Trinidad Lake I Prospect Partnership you may call us directly here at Silver Tusk Oil Co. 972-401-9351 and one of our representatives will walk you through the process in just a few short minutes!

Additionally you may click on the following link

Trinidad Subscription Documents

To download and open the Subscription Documents. All the Best,

Shawn Bartholomae

Sr. Partner

Silver Tusk Oil Co.