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Silver Tusk Oil Company is an independent producer of oil and gas properties. The philosophy of the Company is to offer direct ownership in projects that are economically streamlined on the front-end and feature additional benefits designed to capital enrich our investing Partners and our Company.

Our goal is to produce oil and gas at a lesser price at the wellhead than most companies are either willing or are capable of doing. We know a higher value realized at the inception of a project will translate into less oil and gas needing be produced to reach breakeven and get a project to profit. An economically well-structured prospect should result in a more favorable risk/reward scenario down the road.

Versatility, product mix and execution are also key components of our business. We offer an array of oil and gas developments ranging from single well prospects in proven fields with step-out capabilities to multiple well properties in resource plays and to lease funds in historically rich oil and gas basins sitting atop layers of blanket deposits. Most often, our projects contain more mineral right acreage than we need to drill or develop. This component can afford additional equity in projects as we offer them for sale. Typically we do not hold projects for an extended period exposing capital to the vagaries of the marketplace. Our goal generally is to turn projects at an attractive multiple and reinvest. At this update, we are including the offer of an exciting royalty play offshore in the famous Cook’s Inlet in Alaska which is reporting some of the largest production figures in North America.

Staying at the ‘front of the pack’ has its benefits. The faster we fund our projects the sharper the pricing we can offer to our Investors. Come be a part of Silver Tusk Oil revolutionizing the way you invest in oil and gas.

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