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The efficient operation of an oil or gas project has a significant impact on the returns generated by the investment. The components involved in operating a project properly are numerous and must be done right. We have learned over the years that no one has an interest in our projects equal to ours. We and our Partners have a lot at stake and it is in our mutual best interest to protect the operating integrity of each and every well we own up to the point when we sell.

Through experience we learned that often our and our Investor’s needs did not necessarily match well with another company who was operating a well on our behalf. We are accountable to our partners for the physical plant and reports from the field on every single well we own. Field reports to home office are necessary and need to be timely. Wells are pieces of equipment subject to wear and tear and to getting out of calibration to name just a few. Any unattended well issues, deferred maintenance or oversight can be costly to correct. Landowners have to be kept happy with fences, cattle guards, roads and etc. Being accountable to our Partners for all of the above operational considerations and more, but not responsible for them, was an unacceptable situation for us.

To facilitate our operational capability, we started Black Lava Resources as our operating company. Since its inception, operational challenges have not disappeared; they never will. But today when an issue needs attention, we can direct the resources to cure it, post haste.

We are continually upgrading our capabilities to offer the best services available to our partners in every phase of our business.