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Silver Tusk Oil, LLC. An Independent Oil Company

Silver Tusk Oil is an independent oil company revolutionizing the way you invest in oil and gas. The Company’s goal is to offer direct ownership in projects producing oil and gas at the wellhead at a lower cost than others either can or will. We strive to present opportunities that combine streamlined pricing, enhanced equity positions, resource play locations and economic congruity on returns and sale. Our typical product line will contain properties ready for drilling and development, mineral acreage leasing funds, and participation in royalty plays to name a few. We invite you to take a look at a truly innovative energy company.

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These were great directions for Navarro and Henderson Counties.   Wife, Emma and I hit all the STLADPP wells like clockwork with no problems on Good Friday.    Corsicana was our home base.   All the well pad equipment looked good and they were new and quite a site.   Started with Margie-Sanders #1, the furthest down CR4250 (South side of road), then worked back to Kilcrease-Bowles #1 (North side of road) and on the way out - the JD Kilcrease #1 (South side of road).  
No pumpers on these sites, except Phillip Casavilla #2 has a gigantic pump jack, almost looks too big.  All are gas/condensate wells except the one in Henderson County, Phillip Casavilla #2.   We came in to this one from Cayuga.   It was the only one not operating (at the time).   Surprised to see a compressor on the JD Kilcrease, gas pressure must have been low?

A great day and we headed back to Corsicana on 31, past Trinidad Lake to I-45  going right thru Corsicana which we took  all the way home to Beltway 8 in Houston.  There is a great Italian restaurant in downtown in an old building.  The Italian food is just as good as Little Italy or Brooklyn Italian neighborhoods - outstanding, family run.
Thanks Bobby, my wife and I enjoyed the trip and I saw the STLADPP wells first-hand.

Appreciate your directions.

Walt P. Houston Texas

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About our company

Silver Tusk Oil targets key areas for oil and gas production and leasing activity. Current areas of interest and are E. Texas, Oklahoma and Alaska. These projects include royalty interest plays as well as drilling projects with step out capabilities and multiple well drilling and work-over prospects.

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Silver Tusk Oil is on the leading edge of the industry using state of art the economic and strategic modeling in its oil and gas offerings. A sense of the past blended with a vision of the future keeps the company and its Partners in balance.

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Geology, geophysics and acquisitions, operations, accounting and asset management, human resources and investor/industry relations all work in sync to insure a synergistic environment inside and outside the company.

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Our key management team drives the company focusing on its innovative business plan. Silver Tusk thrives on motivation, innovation, flexibility and a desire to provide the investor the opportunities they deserve in the energy sector..

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